Camp Schedule



Thursday 23rd January 2020

Check into Dance Camp Commences from 2:30pm

6pm to 7pm  – Dinner

*** 7:30pm onwards – Opening Night Welcome Dance ***


Day 1 – Friday 24th January 2020

Day 2 – Saturday 25th January 2020



Day 3 – Sunday 26th January 2020


4 big nights of social dancing to really cement those awesome new moves you will be learning during your workshops.

Thursday Night

Welcome to Dance Camp, the social dance tonight is all about meeting the unbelievably talented dance instructors and your fellow dancers.
Start the night off with dinner at 6pm and then go grab your shoes and be ready to start dancing the night away from 7:30pm.

DJ Music

Friday Night

After a big 1st day of Workshops, tonight is a great opportunity to practice those new moves you have learnt today. Enjoy your dinner and the social tonight starts from 8:30pm.

DJ Music

Saturday Night

Day 2 of  Workshops I am sure has got your feet tapping with all these new moves you have learnt, So come and join our special Cabaret Show from 7:30pm followed by everyone on the floor enjoying the Live Band to mix those new moves into your dancing styles. What better way to remember everything you have been learning so far.

JUS JUMP  – will be playing live tonight – Relieve the era of the Boogie Woogie, Honky Tonk Piano, Blues Muma Singing, The Infectious Groove and the Wailing Sax.
You will feel like its Prohibition – Jus Jump gives you it all!!










Sunday Night

Tonight is the last night for the Fairbridge Swing Camp for 2019, and the music and dancing will be starting at 8:30pm. Amazing night to be had, and shared with everyone!

DJ Music


There is 3 styles of dance which all include 2 different skill levels: Intermediate and Advanced, with the exception being Lindy Hop. For 2020 we will be running beginner workshop classes over the 3 day event. Please be advised we must reach a minimum of 20 people to run these workshops. Once the minimum number has been reached we will email you to confirm your place in the workshops.

When completing your registration form, please select the appropriate level as per the descriptions below.

Please Note: If the dance instructors deems that your dance skill level that you registered for, is incorrect, you will be moved to the appropriate level that they think is better for you. We want to make sure that you are enjoying every moment of the workshops!!


Intermediate: You know the basics (come around, throw-out, lollies, paddles, side steps, cross over),you want to learn new steps and moves and you have an understanding of different tempos.

Advanced:You have been dancing balboa for some years, you have mastered all the basics and you are able to dance all tempos slow to superfast. You love the more complicated moves and crazy footwork.


Intermediate: You have been taking regular classes, or workshops, you dance blues regularly, you want to work on your basics and want to develop challenging moves and styles.

Advanced:You have been dancing blues for a couple of years, you are a well known blues dancer and you already have an understanding of different rhythms and styles.

Lindy Hop

Beginners: You have never danced Lindy Hop before, or you have started and have less than 6 months experience in this style of dancing.

Intermediate:You know all the basics of Lindy Hop, you have an understanding of 6 & 8 count rhythms. You want to improve your technique and learn more cool moves.

Advanced: You have been dancing Lindy Hop for many years, you are comfortable on all tempos of music and you have a good understanding of musicality.