South West Highway, Pinjarra, Western Australia 6208

Fairbridge Village is a not for profit charity that has accommodation consisting of South African and English inspired cottages, each with their own unique piece of history, surrounded by a bush area where native trees and flowers are preserved and native wildlife roams freely. Fairbridge Village is the size of a small town with over 55 heritage listed buildings scattered through a large bush area. Fairbridge Village is a nationally and internationally recognised site, both for its heritage and its environmental significance. The facilities include a cafe, a 25m outdoor swimming pool, a chapel, sporting facilities, gas barbeques and picnic areas.


Accommodation is in the original cottages which date back to 1912. The accommodation has been renovated over the years and is an ongoing process going forward. All rooms are clean and comfortable. All cottages are self-contained with either an oven or convection microwave, gas hotplate, fridge, kettle, crockery, cutlery and cooking utensils available as standard,  if you would prefer to bring your own food to camp and prepare your own meals, that is totally acceptable and you will only need to select accommodation fees as stated on the camp cost’s page.


The linen supplied will consist of a fitted sheet, top sheet, pillow, pillow case, doona (quilt/duvet) and towel.


Fairbridge Village will be catering for our event and will be providing breakfast, lunch and dinner during the Dance Camp. You have the choice to choose how many nights you would like to stay at camp, and which meals you would like to be provided for you during your stay.  You even have the choice to pick all the meals for the whole camp and let someone else worry about the cooking and you can just sit back and enjoy the days of dancing and relaxing.



  • Check-in time is 2:30 pm, Thursday 23rd January 2020


  • Check-out time is 10:00 am, Monday 27th January 2020