Camp Details

Simply Swing is proudly presenting


23rd January 2020 to 27th January 2020

Join us for 3 days and 4 nights of amazing dance workshops, specialty classes and social dances every night while learning new moves and skills from some of the best International Dance Instructors.


Anne-Helene & Bernard Cavasa
Arriving from Toulouse, France will returning for their 4th year  and they are bringing new moves and another level to their workshops with their very fluid and harmonious style, creativity, musicality and humour expressed across their style of Lindy Hop, Balboa and Blues. They both have a huge passion for their style of dancing and love nothing more than to create a super comfortable atmosphere in their classes with alot of humor and cheerfulness. Anne-Helene & Bernard bring their own pedagogy, super precise, always in evolution, offering new ways of explanations, excercise and the moves to make the dance easier and more comfortable for you to enjoy.


Vicci Moore and Adamo Ciarallo
Arriving from Valencia, Spain will be returning for their 2nd year with us. After an un-beliveable moving response from everyone who attended Dance Camp 2019, they both agreed to come back and share more of their unique chemistry on the dance floor.If you didnt get the chance to enjoy their workshops on their last visit, we would hate to hear you missed them again in 2020. They both strive to bring out and improve your dancing technique, your confidence, your communication skills and your understanding of the music. We cannot wait for their return and the chance to experience their intensity, elegance and musicality in the style of Balboa and Blues.


Sonia Ortega Betriu & Hector Artal
Arriving from Barcelona, Spain will be making their debut to Perth  for Simply Swing Dance Camp 2020.  Sonia & Hector are Lindy Hop dancers who work constantly on the development of the couple dancing. They both love the dance in which they can openly evolve all techniques that they have learned through their lives. Argentinian tango, latin rhythms, classical dance and contemporary dance are important disciplines that take part in their learning of the dance. Lindy Hop is a dance where one can achieve continuous development. Swing is attractive.Jazz culture inspires and serves as the engine for Sonia & Hector on their constant learning process.


Thursday 23rd January 2020 is when the camp kicks off, opening with the Welcome to Camp Social Dance where you get the opportunity  to meet and greet with the dance instructors and like minded dancers who share the love and passion we all have for dance. This year you will enjoy a live band and DJ’d music during the evening social dances, and not to forget the after parties for everyone who wants  to dance the night away……


Accommodation and Catering will be available through  Fairbridge Village who have offered Simply Swing a very easy and flexible arrangement that fits into any ones budgets, whether you are jumping in to enjoy the full 4 night camp or whether you are only able to join in for a day.

We have all your options covered.

Hit the link below to access all the costs for the Dance Workshops, Social Dances only as well as the options for Accommodation and Catering.


Check back occasionally for anything new or email us via the contact page.